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What Causes Diabetes? Understanding Basics of Diabetes Mellitus -…


Today we will look into some basics of Diabetes Mellitus like, What is Diabetes, What are the causes of diabetes and what are the different types of Diabetes. Understanding this basic knowledge and mechanism is very important from the point of view of prevention, and treatment of this deadly disease which affects almost all organs in your body.

What is Diabetes Mellitus and Diabetes Insipidus?

To understand the Mechanism of what causes Diabetes, we need to look into some basics, like the relationship between Glucose in the blood and the hormone Insulin. Please stay hooked!, as this knowledge is very important for prevention and treatment of diabetes. This means this is equally important for both diabetics, pre-diabetics and even non-diabetics like youngers to prevent the occurrence of diabetes in later part of their life.

Let’s quickly look into this biochemical classification of carbohydrates as:
1. Monosaccharides or single sugars or simple sugars (for example Glucose, Fructose and Galactose)
2. Disaccharides or double sugars
3. Oligosaccharides and
4. Polysaccharides

What is INSULIN?
Insulin is a hormone produced by our digestive organ – Pancreas. This organ Pancreas is located behind the stomach that also produces many digestive enzymes which help in the digestive process. Insulin is secreted by specialized cell in pancreas called islet cells of pancreas.

This is the cause for high levels of glucose in the blood in Diabetes Mellitus and this inadequate amount of glucose inside the cells produces the classical signs and symptoms of diabetes and responsible for multi organ damage in diabetes.
In our next episodes, we will discuss on What is Pre-Diabetes, Types of Diabetes, Signs and symptoms of Diabetes and the treatment options for Diabetes Mellitus. Please follow our Playlist on Diabetes.

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