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I’m Charlotte Lawson, a registered, licensed dietitian here in Tampa Bay, Florida. If you’ve ever been diagnosed with stomach cancer, or any cancer for that matter, and are experiencing and going through treatment for cancer, there could be a few things in your diet that would help you to manage these symptoms. First and foremost, watch your weight and make sure you’re taking in enough calories. The more you can stay at an appropriate weight, the better chance your immune system will have to help you this disease. Looking at things like making shakes of higher, dense, good nutritional value are a great way to add a lot of calories in a small volume. Also, you may experience no appetite, or you’re too tired and you just don’t have the desire to eat at all. These shakes come in handy. That way, you’re putting in a smaller volume of food with a great nutritional value. Looking at things to try to increase the flavor, because you may have some dry mouth or sore throat, this can also help if you just bite into a lemon or have a little bit of fluid before you take that food. Stimulating the taste buds help to make you taste the food the way it is. Look at nutritional supplements at some point, if you really can’t maintain weight. These are a great source of combined, packed nutrition. They have the right amount of calories, the right amount of protein, carbohydrates and fats to, again, keep you healthy as possible. Now, remember your immune system is going to be down. So, you may have heard something about a neutropenic diet. This is a diet that has no raw foods. Sometimes, when we eat raw foods, they can have little add-ons, like micro-bacteria that may cause us to get sick. So, the neutropenic diet suggests to cook all foods before consuming. Again, look at an apple. A raw apple may have something on it that you can’t see. However, eating it baked, or already processed in the form of applesauce, is going to reduce the amount or chances you have of containing and eating that bacteria. So, look for shortcuts to add good nutrients. Look, adding peanut butter into that milkshake or using that nutritional supplement to make your own milkshake. Add gravies to foods. Look at healthy ways to keep that nutrient content high and healthy for you. Again, be aware of raw foods, because sometimes your immune system may be down. And also, if you’re having that desire to not eat, think of food as a medicine. You need to keep a weight and keep a good nutrient intake to again, help you fight that cancer. For more information on cancer diets, check out EatHappy.info. I’m Charlotte, and eat happy.