Home Videos Diabetes Causes , Symptoms Treatment – Complete Information About…

Diabetes Causes , Symptoms Treatment – Complete Information About…


Diabetes Causes , Symptoms Treatment – Complete Information About Diabetes

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Confused about diabetes ?
This video is for you
Here in this video you will learn all about diabetes
What is diabetes
How it occurs in our body
Different types of diabetes
Causes of diabetes
Symptoms of diabetes
Treatment of diabetes
All these things we are covering in this video
Everyone should have this basic information about diabetes , so that they can help themselves , their family , friends and people surrounding him
Thus video is for basic awareness about diabetes , so that you can know about diabetes and treat naturally diabetes at home without medicine or any side effects
What is diabetes ?
High level of sugar in blood is generally called diabetes
In our body there is natural sugar control system that controls sugar level in our blood , to do this we have pancreas organ that releases insuline hormone , that one hormone activates cell receptor to utilize sugar from the blood for energy production
In juvenile diabetes , also called type 1 diabetes , there is destruction of oancrease cells , so they are not able to produce insuline , so blood sugar level increases , to control blood sugar , we have to give insuline from outside sources , do this type of diabetes called insuline dependent diabetes
In type 2 diabetes , pancreas cells ate in normal condition , so they are releasing insuline regular to control sugar , but due to over consumption of sugar , these cells have to produce more insuline , so cell receptor get ineffective , so they are not able to be activated by insuline , so blood sugar are not utilised , so it increases in our blood , to control these increased level of sugar in blood , need to produce more insuline by pancreatic cells , so at last these cells get fatigued , not able to produce more insuline anymore , so we have to give insuline from out side , so type 2 diabetes is not actually due to insuline insufficiency , but due to cell receptor inactivity , so type 2 diabetes called non insuline dependent diabetes
Types of diabetes
Juvenile diabetes , also called insuline dependent diabetes
Adult diabetes , also called non insuline dependent diabetes
Genstational diabetes occurred at the time of pregnancy
Symptoms of diabetes
There are three things that are increases those three things are hunger , urine , thirst
There is one thing that is decreases that is weight , if sugar level in blood raises much then there is Weight loss in the body
Other Symptoms are blurred vision , weakness , muscle loss etc
Treatment for diabetes
Our goal to cure diabetes Completely at home
Pacrease cell activation for more production of insuline
Reduce sugar level by following diet plan and doing regular exercise
Call receptor activation
To achieve these three goals we have to do following Treatment
Acupressure Points For diabetes control and sugar control
Diet plan for diabetes
Exercises for diabetes control

but according to Chinese Acupressure therapy , we have to learn exact cause of f
diabetes for Complete cure of sugar or diabetes naturally at home

there are six causes for diabetes :

1 emotional – due to stress energy flow in lover get stagnant , so there is rise in heat in liver that leads to emotional symptoms like angerness , criying , depression , chest heaviness , gase , indigstion , epigastric pain etc
2 stomach heat – due to this fluid in the body drying up ,so there is increased hunger , thirst and urine , constipation, bitter taste in mouth , dry mouth etc
3 kaph and heat in stomach – that leads to obesity , especially on abdominal area , loss of appetite , nausea , chest suppression etc
4 reduce spleen function
5 heat in intestines and lung
6 poor kidney function

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