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How The Body Process The Food When You Have Diabetes?
When You Eat Carbohydrate, It’s Broken Down To Glucose.
We Need Glucose To Give Us Energy.
Starchy Foods, Sugary Foods, Some Diary Products and Fruit Contain Carbohydrates.
When Foods With Carbohydrates Are Eaten The Blood Glucose Is Rising.
In Response To Risen Blood Glucose, The Pancreas Releases The Insulin Hormone.
Insulin Helps The Body To Get Energy From The Food We Eat.
Then The Blood Transport That Energy To Every Cell That Needs Energy.
At Muscle Cells, Insulin Allows The Glucose To Get Into The Cells.
Insulin Works Like A KEY Unlocking Doors To The Cells So Glucose Can Get In.
Blood Glucose Can Increase At Any Point By Liver Releasing Stored Glucose (Glycogen).
When The Blood Glucose Rises, Again Pancreas Release More Insulin To Balance Up.
In Type 1 Diabetes, The Body Doesn’t Make Any Insulin.
Exact Cause Of Type 1 Diabetes in Unknown In Most Cases.
Type 1 Diabetes Is Not Common As Type 2 Diabetes And Commonly Diagnosed In Childhood.
In Type 1, Carbohydrates No Insulin Being Produced So Glucose Can’t Get Into The Cells.
Then Body Try To Lower Blood Glucose Through The Kidneys.
People With Undiagnosed Diabetes Tend To Urinate A Lot.
With Increased Urination, The Person With Diabetes Also Tend To Be Very Thirsty.
Their Urine Contain Lots Of Glucose, An Environment Good For Bacteria To Thrive.
The High Blood Glucose Level Likely To Delay Wound Healing.
Glucose Buildups In The Eye Lens Can Result in Blurred Vision.
Less Energy Will Makes You Tired And Lethargic.
For Energy, Body May Breakdown It’s Fat Stores Resulting Weight Loss.
Symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes Often Appears Quickly And Remains Until Treatment With Insulin Begins.
Type 2 Diabetes Is The Common Diabetes And Diagnosed In The Adulthood.
In Type 2 Diabetes, The Body Doesn’t Produce Enough Insulin Or Insulin Doesn’t Work Effectively.
People With Obesity Are Prone To Type 2 Diabetes.
In Type 2 Diabetes, The Carbohydrates Converted To Glucose And Release Into The Blood With No Problem.
Pancreas Also Release Insulin; However, Glucose Can Not Get Into The Cells Effectively.
Symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes Develop Very Slowly.
People Can Live With Type 2 Diabetes Up To 10 Years Knowing They Have It.
At The Initial Stage, The Type 2 Diabetes Can Be Reversed With Changes To Lifestyle, Diet and Being Active.
With No Lifestyle Changes, The Most People Will Eventually Need Some Form Of Medication To Manage Type 2 Diabetes.
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