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8 Warning Signs of High Blood Sugar…


There are many conditions that have very distinct and overt signs and symptoms to let the individual know that something is wrong. While some conditions do not have signs that are not always obvious, high blood sugar is a condition that tends to have very distinct warning signs. If you were presented with an illness like high blood sugar, would you be able to determine the warning signs? If you can, what warning signs represent serious illness and which ones do you need to get checked out immediately?

Listed below are 8 warning signs that you have high blood sugar and that you should do something about the condition.

1. Thirst

The thirst mechanism tells a lot about what is going on in your body. One common sign of high blood sugar is increased thirst. Now this does not imply every time you feel thirsty that you have high blood sugar, but it is an accompanying sign of elevated glucose levels in your blood. If you have not been working outdoors, exercising much, or haven’t consumed high amounts of sodium, then this might be something to keep track of over the short term or over a week.

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