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18 Healthy and Delicious Foods…



Eating is an essential element in living and it is also usually a time of the day when we get to sit down and socialize with friends, family, or colleagues. When you’re watching your blood sugar however, your food selection needs to be impeccable.

Diabetes, especially type II diabetes, is a lifestyle disease that affects the body’s metabolism and physiology. With an unbalanced lifestyle, diabetes, can wreak havoc on the body’s many organs and systems. With that said, small adjustments with your meal selection can really make the difference when you are diagnosed with diabetes. Take a look at the following delicious food options to help improve your lifestyle.

1. Pancakes

Wait doesn’t this defy all logic when you have diabetes? Traditional pancakes that are loaded with sugar and carbohydrates are not good for your diabetic health, but when the pancakes are called applesauce pancakes, you can. Take a look at these light treats.

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