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12 Ways To Reverse Type II Diabetes…


There are numerous diseases out there and each has a genetic element and a lifestyle element that controls part of the condition. Type II diabetes is one disease that falls especially into this category, as there is some evidence to suggest a genetic component and a strong lifestyle factor. If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, consider the following sections below on tips for reversing your diabetes.

Type II diabetes has a big lifestyle component and listed below are some tips and ideas on how to reverse or slow your signs related to type II diabetes. You should consult with your physician prior to any exercise and lifestyle change to make sure your body is capable of such a change. Always talk about any sudden changes in your diet and make sure to discuss exercise if you are planning any drastic changes.

1. Cut Out The Sugar

Type II diabetes is caused from the inability to regulate blood sugar levels, meaning the insulin your body secretes is no longer working efficiently. This is a term called insulin resistance and it generally occurs later in life, although it can occur at any age. One of the primary ways to get type II diabetes is to consume large amounts of sugar at a time. When you consume large quantities of sugar day-in and day-out (like from sodas, ice cream, and candy), your body will no longer have insulin that works in the manner it should. One of the first ways to help reverse your type II diabetes is to cut out added sugar from any source.

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